NC Hack March 2021 Challenge

Runs Sat Mar 20 2021 17:00:00 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time) to Sun Mar 21 2021 22:30:00 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)
The main challenge for NC Hack: March 2021 - good luck!

### Challenge After a long, hard school year we’re finally nearing the end! But with school ending soon… people might get bored. Build something that people can use to fend off boredom! Whether it be a game or an internet rabbit hole, we’re excited to see what you create. ### Prizes **1st Place:** NC Hack Stickers, winner badge on our website, and a personalized letter from the team at NC Hack **2nd Place:** NC Hack Stickers, winner badge on our website **3rd Place:** NC Hack Stickers, winner badge on our website _All participants will receive a [ Pro]( lifetime subscription!_ ### General Entry Rules \- The GitHub repository must be one that the GitHub account connected to your NC Hack account owns. If you're working in a group, make sure you are in a team and have one member of the group submit your entry. \- The GitHub repository you submit must be public and created after the beginning of the challenge \- The submission should be functional \- You should include a README file with information about your project as well as instructions on how the judges can run your project locally. If there are no instructions, the instructions are unclear, or the project cannot be run: your entry will be disqualified \- The entry must pertain to the challenge and follow all requirements set forth by the prompt \- You can submit your entry at any time, and modify it up until the end of the challenge. You must not add any further commits to your entry after the end of the challenge. \- If your project uses the echoAR platform, you may use the same submission for **both** the NC Hack main challenge and the echoAR challenge. ### Judging This challenge will be judged by the NC Hack team. # Good luck!

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Rank Link Score
1 emoji_events kennyge-edgemont/Maze-Game 35/36
2 emoji_events AdeebIsmail/Wumpus2.0 34/36
3 emoji_events sbelambe/AnimeMemoryGame 31/36
4 niharh/cubeGame 30/36
5 code-alt/instachat 27/36